Weekly Clinics !

The HBC Volleyball Club Boys and Girls Clinics

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at our very own premier gym located in Huntington Beach, California.
​Whether you are learning the basics or want to perfect an advanced skill, come work with our club coaches who are teaching the highest level of play for an unbelievable price
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|7661 Windfield Drive Huntington Beach, CA 92647|(714) 305-9309|KimLucerohb@gmail.com|


The HBC is a boys & girls volleyball club in the heart of Orange County that is dedicated to playing the game with passion, pride, and discipline.  We train at The HBC, Orange County’s Premier Volleyball Facility.  Club wide we are dedicated to being students of the game and constantly learning as the game is constantly changing.

We have an impressive array of coaches including local high school coaches, college coaches as well as USA national team players.  Our coaches have won CIF championships, Olympic gold medals and American cup gold medals. We believe that great coaches are the key cornerstone to being a successful volleyball club.

There is a conscious effort in our club to provide a sense of brotherhood.  That we are all pulling on the same side of the rope so to speak.  We believe that this will help our players learn the value of teamwork and sharing a common passion towards a common goal that will not only help us win as a club but also help our players after they leave us and are to face the competitive world that awaits.

Finally, we are here to win, teach the game of volleyball at the highest level, get our kids prepared for their high school season and recruited to play college volleyball.


2018-2018 Girls High School Club Volleyball Tryout at The HBC

With the 2018-2018 Girls High School Club Volleyball season is right around the corner, the HBC Girls Volleyball club is excited to announce its tryout schedule for High School girls in the Orange County area, ages 18s, 17s, 16s and 15s. For a specific age group definition, visit SCVA. Our Gym is conveniently located right …